City & Guilds Accredited Courses Case Studies

Kirstie's Story

Kirstie was originally referred to us in June 2015. She was attending a local secondary school but had been finding difficulty coping in that environment, and as a result was lacking confidence and self-esteem. She was unsure about her future plans.

During her time at the Seeds of Change, Kirstie has developed self-management strategies which have enabled her to communicate more positively and therefore express how she feels when she is struggling. This has led to reduced frustration and improved control of her emotions as well as improved confidence and self-belief. Kirstie has a better understanding of the impact of her behaviour on others and this has enabled her to work effectively as part of a team.

Kirstie has been with us for the past academic year, progressing from a personal development programme onto a City & Guilds Land Based qualification. She has also managed to access a Level 2 Horse Management course at college, beginning in September.

Due to Kirstie's commitment to her own development and her desire to continue to learn and share her experiences with others, she has been awarded the opportunity to continue working with the Seeds of Change until the end of the summer term. During this time she will continue with her studies and personal development, whilst also helping to motivate and support other students who are struggling with similar issues to hers. Kirstie will complete two units of work to support her progression to college; this will include development of her technical skills and opportunities for more independent working and work experience, as well as further personal development through EFL.

Kirstie says of her experience at the Seeds of Change:

“Coming to the Seeds of Change has helped me in so many ways, physically and mentally. Everyone is so friendly and will help you with anything in any way they can. Nothing before has helped me until I came here.”

Kirstie has worked hard throughout the past year and we will be sad to see her leave, however her progression onto a college placement is testament to her hard work and we hope that this extra support that Kirstie deserves will be a springboard for her continued success in the future. 

  Katie's Story

Katie was 16 when she joined the Seeds of Change City & Guilds programme. She had left school with no direction or plans for her future. She was very quiet and lacked self-confidence.

Katie joined a group programme studying to gain a Level 1 Certificate in Land Based Studies. Katie had some previous experience with horses and liked being outdoors. During the course Katie worked through a series of units learning about the care of horses, and riding and handling skills. Through support and guidance Katie overcame the barriers she had previously encountered and was able to develop her skills in self-motivation, communication and teamwork.

Katie enjoyed the course so much that she progressed on to complete a further 12 weeks, gaining a Level 1 Diploma in Land Based Studies.

On finishing, Katie was offered a full time job at the riding school where she attended the course. They were impressed with the way she applied herself during the work experience sessions and her confidence in dealing with members of the public/clients whilst on the programme.

Katie has matured in to a lively, independent young lady and her passion for working with horses has been fulfilled by her recent employment. Her coach has seen a change in her ability to deal with challenges in a mature and positive manner; she has developed her skills and is always looking to improve and progress.

A great success story for Katie who is enjoying her independence and progression in to full time employment.