Family Programme Case Studies

* Jamie's Story

The time our family has spent with Katherine White at The Seeds of Change has been fantastic. From a small child, Jamie has had to cope with huge worries across lots of situations. The frustration and stress this put on our family was at times incredible. Katherine created a fantastically relaxed, open and welcoming atmosphere and included the whole family on the experience of arming our child to manage his worries. The subtleties and power of the messages carried through working with horses was fantastic. Our children were at times completely unaware of the messages, empowerment and lessons they were receiving through their time with Katherine.

I would say that Jamie hasn't lost the elements that worry him, but he is far better equipped to manage them effectively. In a short space of time Jamie seems to have matured greatly and is growing more confident all the time – I can’t thank you enough. Not only has the work you have done with Jamie provided him with the tools to manage his worries, but the reflective, relaxed, welcoming atmosphere you have created at Seeds of Change has provided our family a platform to reflect on the wider issues.

We have really turned a massive corner since our time with you at Seeds of Change. Our time at The Seeds of Change has allowed our family to proactively change for the better. Thanks again Katherine, our time with you is very much appreciated.

Parent, Northants

* Name has been changed

* Emily's Story

Emily is 8 years old and was referred to the Seeds of Change by the Behaviour and Curriculum Inclusion team (BACIN) following major concerns regarding Emily’s behaviour at school, and the increased risk of permanent exclusion.

Mum and Emily had relocated to live with Mum’s new partner and following the move to a new school, Emily was requiring a high level of support, only accessing a part-time timetable.

The period of transition that Emily was going through and the current circumstances of the family setting appeared to be  raising elements of insecurity within her which was resulting in behaviour being ‘acted out’ in school and at home.

Following a meeting with Katherine White to discuss intervention and possible objectives and outcomes, the Seeds of Change developed an individualised programme for Emily and her Mum.

The first cycle of sessions was so successful that Emily attended a second cycle of sessions, attending 12 in total. Each week Emily (and Mum) worked through different objectives, and during the programme it was clear that both Emily and Mum enjoyed the sessions. Both were extremely keen to attend each week and to complete set tasks back in the home environment.

Since attending the Seeds of Change programme Emily has made positive progress; she is more willing to accept help and guidance from her Mum, and is now on roll at school full time. School have reported that Emily is able to remain focused for longer periods of time, and is more engaged within the school environment. The school feels better equipped to manage Emily’s needs (all of which are now being met within the school setting).

Mum’s communication, body language and relationship with Emily went from strength to strength over the duration of the programme. Mum became more open in dialogue and in disclosing how she feels. From this openness she is now learning alternative strategies to cope with some of her frustrations. Mum feels more comfortable in setting appropriate boundaries with her daughter and Emily appears more willing to accept these.

Mum reported that the relationship with her daughter is better. Mum is more engaged and trusting of the agencies that are supporting her and her engagement with school is 100% better. External support commented that Mum is more confident in her ability to make changes and seems to have more purpose with her daily life.

Penny White | Behaviour Support Teacher, Behaviour & Curriculum Inclusion (BACIN) | Adult & Children’s Service

* Name has been changed