One to One Case Studies

Scott's Story

Scott was referred to the Seeds of Change by his school as he was on the verge of permanent exclusion. He was a non-attender and was falling behind in his classwork, preferring to stay at home and play on his x-box. 

At his first session, Scott’s coach noticed immediately that he was very bright, quick witted and keen to accept new challenges.  His coach used this to her advantage, encouraging him to explore his thoughts and ideas.  Scott’s confidence and communication grew steadily, and through bonding with the horses, Scott was able to transfer his learning to enable him to cope better in his home and school life.

Through a series of tasks, the Seeds of Change worked with Scott to help him find strategies to control his physical and emotional aggression, and to enable him to face challenges more positively. Working with his horse and coach, Scott worked through specialist EFL exercises that helped him to:

  • Build confidence and trust issues
  • Explore all aspects of communication
  • Allow the study of Equine behaviour and comparisons to human behaviour
  • Develop the active mind
  • Linked EFL with numeracy and literacy
  • Promote and recognise strategies for rising frustration
  • Provide coping strategies for Anger management
  • Challenge change and new ventures
  • Help recognise reflective learning

Scott is now attending school full time and is able to reflect appropriately when things don’t go too well. He is also able to deploy the strategies he has learnt, to overcome the challenges that he is facing.

Last week Scott was allowed to go on a school trip for the very first time, which is a big milestone for him at school.

Becca's Story

When Becca first attended the Seeds of Change she was a selective mute and had been for 3 years. She had only made small conversations with her mum, nobody else. She was not in any form of mainstream education and had been receiving 1 to 1 tuition with a transition team.

Becca started on a 1 to 1 programme that had been specifically developed to address her personal barriers. Using the horse to build trust and act as a learning partner, Becca was coached through a series of tasks to work through her personal issues. Through these experiences and through careful questioning, Becca was able to improve her confidence, self-belief and work through the barriers she was facing in her life.

During her sessions Becca began to gain in personal confidence and after 7 months she slowly began to whisper to her coach, and make clicking sounds which encouraged her horse.

As her time with the Seeds of Change continued, Becca began to show a keen interest in what she was doing with the horses, progressing from her 1 to 1 programme to working towards a City and Guilds qualification. This was a new challenge as the assessments involved verbal communication which she had not achieved on her programme as of yet.

As her programme continued Becca grew in confidence and she started communicating with her coach and her horse, passing all of her verbal and practical assessments to achieve her Level 1 Certificate in Land Based Studies. Becca continued to develop, speaking not only to mum but all family members, and she is now able to work within a small group setting.

The impact of Becca’s programme and her time with the Seeds of Change has completely changed her life. From a shell of person with no self-confidence around people, to being able to now talk, discuss, have fun and work within a group of people is such a huge success for her. Becca’s continuing efforts can only make her more confident in the future and allow her to progress towards her future. Becca is now working towards her Level 1 Diploma in Land Based Studies - this she hopes to complete in June 2015.


* Matthew's Story

Matthew is 11 years old with ASD. He accesses mainstream school with support, and lives with his long term foster mother with whom he has a very close relationship. Matthew is a very caring young boy, but struggles to read and interpret the emotions of others and can become very frustrated when he perceives he cannot do something. Matthew had frequent outbursts of negative behaviour at home, usually triggered by situations at school in which he struggled to understand what was expected of him in social situations. He struggled to follow things through in a logical and constructed way and became easily distracted.

Matthew was referred to the Seeds of Change by his primary school.  He attended a 1 to 1 programme for 6 weeks, focussing on his specific areas of need which were primarily, facing new challenges, preparing for change, and communication. Through working through a series of practical tasks with the horses, Matthew developed a great bond with a horse called Sparky. He was able to identify Sparky’s feelings and often commented on how he felt sparky was reacting to him.

Over the time that Matthew has spent with the Seeds of Change he has grown in confidence, and is making positive changes in remaining focussed on tasks. Matthew is learning to express himself more constructively and will now communicate his worries to his coach in a calm and clear way. His foster mother has reported that he has had no outbursts at home since he has been attending the Seeds of Change, and has delt with the transition of a new baby foster brother more positively than expected.

At school, Matthew has recently completed his Y6 SATS; staff have reported that he approached these in a mature and calm way and was able to draw on learning from the Seeds of Change and apply this in challenging situations.

The benefits of Matthew's initial 6 weeks have been very clear, and due to this he has been funded for a further 6 weeks. This time will be spent focussing on preparing for change to support Matthew's transition to secondary school in September.

* Name has been changed