We recently received the following testimonial from a parent who attended a family programme with their son; a great testiment to Katherine's work helping families and individuals to overcome the issues they are facing.

Katherine has been an inspiration. I have a son who was bullied from an early age. We thought having moved schools where he made friends and was happy, the problem had been solved. Unfortunately we did not realise the depth to which it had affected his character.

Although always shy, he was a high achiever and was delighted when he got into University. All his friends and family thought it was exactly what he needed, lots of people in the same position, all making new friends. Two years in and we found out very differently; an impromptu visit by his father found him contemplating suicide and suffering from severe social anxiety. 

We brought him home, and having a very understanding GP we preceded down the NHS route, from ASTI (Assessment & Short Term Intervention team), to IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). All of which left us frustrated, no more so than our son, following repetition after repetition of meetings and six months of moving absolutely nowhere.

A friend mentioned the Seeds of Change to me, not sure if they could help. I phoned and we met with Katherine as a family. It became apparent in that first hour that she understood our son, and felt she could help.  After six weeks in, the difference is noticeable.  It is small things; his amenability, willingness, the house is more relaxed. He is out doing things now I thought I would never see. I no longer turn the key in the door wondering what I am going to find. It has been gradual, with hard work and a commitment but I truly feel we are getting somewhere now. 

Katherine’s work with the horses is intriguing; their instincts around humans and how they can help boost self-esteem is truly remarkable. 

With Katherine it is not about ticking the right boxes on forms. It is about knowledge, adapting to what will work for each individual, making sure the whole family plays their part and finding solutions. She is very perceptive and above all else, she cares.