Care Farming - Success for FarmAbility

During the past year we have been working on a joint venture with FarmAbility; a Care Farm based in Oxford. FarmAbilty offer outdoor, farm-based programmes of animal husbandry, horticulture and seasonal tasks for adults with autism and learning disabilities. We teamed up with them to deliver a City and Guilds Employability qualification to assist their co-farmers in working towards employment in the rural economy.

The last year has been very successful with two of their learners completing the qualification and achieving an Entry Level 2 Certificate in Employability Skills. Big congratulations to Tom and Ryan, both of whom have found employment in the local area.


Are you a Care Farm? Do you want to deliver a City & Guilds qualification to your co-farmers?

Read on to hear FarmAbility's feedback on delivering the programme for the first time.

Q1. What has been the impact on learners since doing the qualification?

Our learners did an ASDAN qualification before, but City & Guilds is much better as it’s meaty and meaningful. It’s a qualification that is well recognised which is good for learner’s pride and their desire to engage and achieve.

Q2. What has been the impact on FarmAbility?

It was a new part of my role and now I have got into the swing of it, it doesn’t take too much time. It’s very easy to incorporate into sessions and easy to deliver because of the way that the worksheets have been written. I was pleasantly surprised!

Q3. How have others reacted?

The ones that notice have shown an interest (not many do, due to the learner’s special needs).

Q4. What has the learners level of engagement been like?

High; the way that the worksheets are set out and variation of different tasks (some pictures, some tasks, some writing) has maintained interest and all the learners have really invested in it.

Q5. What have been the benefits to FarmAbility?

We have been able to tell others that we are doing a City and Guilds accredited course, which is a positive. It gives us more credibility as a Centre, and has helped our profile with visitors and supporters. It has also helped us with structure and focus in the session, knowing what we want to achieve and working towards completing units.

Q6. What would you change?

Price! We are a small charity and although I feel the price is fair considering the work that has been done, it can be hard to raise money and could continue to be a challenge.

Q7. What would make it better?

Nothing comes to mind

Q8. What has been done well?

It has been really adaptable. Amy from the Seeds of Change has worked with us to ensure that the units meet our learners needs and the coursework has been able to be applied across the board really well. The flexibility and support has been a positive.

Q9. What would you like to see developed next?

It could be good to offer a broader range of courses in the future to enable access for more learners with additional needs.

Q10. What would you say to others thinking of working with The Seeds of Change?

Go for it! They have been really brilliant, helpful and open. If there is a problem or question they are on the case and quick to respond.

Feedback from Liv at FarmAbility

If you are interested in working with the Seeds of Change to co-deliver a City & Guilds Employability or Land Based qualification, please contact us on 01234 881871 to find out more.