Success stories shared by Jo

Jo is a specialist 1 to 1 coach working with our high tariff young people. Recently, she has been working with two siblings and an 11 year old who was struggling to form peer friendships. Read on to hear Jo's success stories.....

After a family of four children were taken into care, the two youngest siblings were referred to the Seeds of Change by their school. Unfortunately the youngest siblings, *Bella aged 5 and her brother *Jake aged 8, were placed in separate foster homes.

Jake was constantly worrying and looking to see what his sister was up to and how she was behaving at school. He was anxious about her most of the time and had developed a stutter.

Working and communicating with the horses Jo noticed that Jake's stutter was almost non-existent. Using the horses as facilitators, Jo worked on confidence and self-esteem with both children separately.

The children learned that they were both capable of far more than they expected, and began to grow and develop better coping skills. The last few sessions were for Jake and Bella to work together and initially, Jake slipped back into the carers role. Again using the horses as a tool to communication and control, Jake was able to see just how capable his younger sibling was, especially when she was put in charge of his horse whilst he was riding. Jake started to recognise that Bella was becoming strong and independent. He commented afterwards of how proud he was of her.

*Lola is 11 years old and came to the Seeds of Change via referral from a local authority. One of her challenges has been forming peer friendships. In the past, Lola has had reason to believe that she has been let down by her friends and peers at a time when she needed them most.

Part of Lola's programme has been to build relationships and trust. Through specialist coaching techniques, Jo has helped Lola understand the horse's behaviour and to interpret the impact that her actions have had on the horse. Lola can now understand how her approach and language can help to build a trusting relationship with the horse, and in turn, how to transfer this to her interaction with humans. Through greater understanding and more positive communication, trust has been built and confidence has grown.

Lola recently informed her coach that she has been to visit a friend from school and that they are planning to arrange sleep-overs and other activities together. This is big step for Lola, who only a short while ago, struggled to form and maintain any friendships.

* Names have been changed

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