Small Group Programme Testimonial

We recently received the following testimonial from a local infant school; another great testiment to our coaches work with young people to overcome the issues they are facing.

Our experience of The Seeds of Change programme

We first sent 4 children from Year 1 and Year 2 to take part in the programme in 2015. They took part in some small group work 1:2 with The Seeds of Change. These children were selected because of having low self-esteem and difficulty expressing their emotions appropriately.

The focus of the group was on developing the children’s social skills and emotional literacy. The children loved going to work with the horses and we saw a positive impact on the children’s well being, in particular the development of their emotional literacy. The children took real pride in looking after the horses and they developed a sense of responsibility and achievement in doing this.

Following on from this, The Seeds of Change developed a bespoke package for one of these children who needed further support. This was to work with the whole family and they worked together with both the mum and the dad and the two children.

This was a weekly programme and they focused on engaging the family in working together in a positive way. They also supported the parents in strategies for managing the children’s behaviour positively at home. This work had a real impact on the family in empowering the parents to take control of their children and what was going on at home. The parents also enjoyed the sessions working with the horses and it gave them some really good quality family time.

I would highly recommend The Seeds of Change of programme to other schools for supporting children and families with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties.

Karen Smith, SENCO

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