Teacher Training Sessions

During October and November we ran a series of training sessions for approximately 60 teachers and members of staff from one of our largest referral bodies.

The training consisted of a more detailed overview of the transferrable learning that we deliver at the Seeds of Change and the approaches we use to gain engagement and manage challenging behaviour. The teachers were able to see how they could use similar techniques back in class that would help to provide a more consistent approach to pupil management and engagement.

We were able to discuss and share areas where improvements could be made between the 2 organisations and as result a number of new procedures have been introduced to assist in more positive and consistent communication between all parties.

This approach has proved to be very useful and ultimately will improve support to the young people.

If you would like to know more about integrating our approach back into the classroom, through our teacher training sessions, then please call or email us at enquiries@theseedsofchange.co.uk