Re-Engagement Programmes

At The Seeds of Change we have a successful track record of working with young people who are disengaged or excluded from mainstream school.

Many young people grow up in our community without basic life skills. This gap in their knowledge can lead to poor school attendance, poor social skills, inability to function in a traditional educational environment and eventually disengagement from learning.

Our re-engagement courses are aimed at addressing the underlying causes of disengagement within the school environment. We offer a range of programmes that provide tailored education and support for young people who are disengaged, or have been identified as at risk of disengaging from mainstream school.


Working with Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 our programmes provide a unique experience that operate outside the mainstream school setting. Each programme provides an opportunity for the students to work and bond with the horses, and to experience how their behaviour and interaction will affect the horse. Through this experiential learning, students develop alternative strategies for coping with challenging situations which are transferrable back into everyday life.